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Defending You From Criminal Charges In Massachusetts

If you have been accused of a crime, you may be concerned about the immediate consequences such as jail time or probation. However, what comes after a criminal conviction can be even worse: a criminal record that can affect you every time you apply for a job or loan. A single misdemeanor conviction can mean limited career choices, fewer opportunities for advancement and the loss of your eligibility for certain types of loans.

At Cataldo Law Offices, L.L.C., our lawyers are here to protect you against the present issues you are facing as well as future consequences. Our criminal law office is in Franklin, we are also available in Wellesley, and we represent clients in the Boston metro area and throughout Massachusetts. Call 508-570-2025 for a free initial consultation.

The following pages provide more information about criminal charges:

  • OUI/drunk driving defense : If you have been arrested for drunk driving, waiting too long to do something about it could cost you your driver’s license and a great deal more.
  • Driver’s license suspensions : Driving on a suspended license is a criminal charge that can result in further limitations on your license, heavy fines and even incarceration.
  • Drug charges : A conviction on a drug charge can mean many things. It can mean prison or jail time. It can mean years of supervision after that.
  • Domestic violence : An argument between family members can have far-reaching consequences.
  • Sex crimes : In spite of the ideal of “innocent until proven guilty,” the reality is that many people view accusations the same as fact.
  • Juvenile delinquency : Juvenile delinquency is not a minor matter. There can be long-term consequences for children.
  • Murder : If you are charged with homicide, you are involved in a fight for your future.

If you are charged with a criminal offense, the less you say to police officers and prosecutors the better. You should speak to a lawyer first. The sooner you talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney, the better your chances will be to minimize or avoid serious consequences.

In representing you, we will aggressively challenge the police methods and prosecution’s evidence at every opportunity. We are not afraid to take cases to trial and have more than proven our ability to get results once there.

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