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Spotting the signs of domestic violence

Domestic violence is an all-too-common problem throughout Massachusetts. You might never know who around you is suffering from some sort of domestic violence or abuse. Abuse isn't just physical. It can also be emotional abuse, which is very difficult to spot. Here are some tips for spotting the signs of domestic violence so you know what to look for in family, friends and colleagues.

The most common sign of a relationship that could endure domestic violence is when control is a factor. For example, if one spouse tries to control who the other spouse talks to, goes out with or visits with, violence could find its way into the relationship.

Are you fully aware of OUI laws in Massachusetts?

Whether you've been driving in Massachusetts for a short time or have carried a valid driver's license here for years, you and all other motorists are obligated to adhere to existing traffic laws and safety regulations every time you (or they) get behind the wheel of a car to drive. Police officers help keep travelers safe; however, if one happens to suspect you of a criminal offense while driving, he or she can also make your life take a turn for the worse. 

For instance, if you drink a beer, drive somewhere, and a police officer pulls you over for speeding and smells the beer on your breath, he or she may pursue the matter further by asking you to take a field sobriety or preliminary alcohol-screening test. Do you know your rights? Regarding possible OUI charges, the more you understand ahead of time, the better.   

How a criminal defense attorney can help you

If you are facing a criminal charge in Franklin, Massachusetts, you are likely scared. Even if this isn't the first time you've been charged with a crime, you might still be stressed and overwhelmed. You likely don't know what to do next or where to turn. That's why it is in your best interest to work with a criminal defense attorney who knows the laws.

The biggest benefit of working with a defense attorney is that he or she knows the laws of the state and the court system. They've practiced here before, know the judges and prosecutors and know the filing deadlines. They know what it's like to speak in front of certain judges and how to negotiate deals with prosecutors.

Police: 8 pounds of fentanyl and little girl found in apartment

If you drive north of Boston for a short while, you will arrive in Haverhill. The historic town was the site of the recent arrest of two women and two men. According to a news report, all four are facing serious drug trafficking charges.

Law enforcement officials said they found in the apartment eight pounds of the powerful opioid pain medication fentanyl. Police claim that there was an amount of fentanyl within reach of a 5-year-old girl in the residence.

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