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Guidance In The Aftermath Of An Injury

If you suffered an injury in a serious accident, you have probably found yourself wondering what to do next. From filing an insurance claim to paying your medical bills, the future can seem uncertain and overwhelming. You deserve the guidance of attorneys who can help you understand what to expect and what to do next.

Turn to our team of lawyers at Cataldo Law Offices, L.L.C., to listen to your concerns, inform you of your options, guide you through the legal system and help you recover the compensation you deserve. With more than 100 years of combined experience serving clients throughout Massachusetts, our attorneys handle a full spectrum of injury cases, including:

Knowing what comes next can relieve much of the stress involved in an injury claim. We will always keep you updated on the status of your case so you do not feel left in the dark while recovering from your injuries.

What To Know About Liability

Liability refers to fault for an accident. If, for example, a business fails to keep its sidewalks clean and you trip as a result, the company can be found liable for your damages. Liability comes in many forms. For instance, a perpetrator who commits sexual assault could be held liable in civil court for the survivor’s therapy bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Determining liability and proving it in court is not easy, though – it takes an experienced and skilled lawyer.

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No one deserves to suffer an injury due to negligence. You can expect our team at Cataldo Law Offices, L.L.C., to advocate for your rights assertively. Schedule a free consultation at one of our convenient office locations in Franklin or Wellesley. To reach us, please call 508-570-2025 or send us a message online.