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Various criminal defense strategies for violent crime charges

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

Facing a criminal charge for a violent crime in Massachusetts can be overwhelming and frightening. You never know what will come of your case, especially if this is the first time you have been charged with a crime. It’s best to examine all of your options in defending your case so you do not risk your freedom. The first place to start is to look at the various criminal defense strategies for violent crime charges.

A common defense strategy for a violent crime is to admit and explain option. This is when you admit to the crime but then explain the situation. This option usually involves some sort of legal justification for the crime that was committed, such as you felt fear for your life or it truly was self defense.

You could even consider telling the truth regarding your situation. This might seem like a crazy option but depending on the charge you face and the crime, you might find yourself out of jail quicker when you admit the truth compared to trying your luck at a jury trial.

Another defense strategy to a violent crime charge is complete denial of the crime. Maybe you truly did not commit the crime and have been incorrectly identified. You will need to mount a strong case for yourself and deny the charges levied against you in order to be successful.

The criminal defense strategies for violent crimes outlined in this post are just the beginning of defending your case. Make sure you gather evidence in your favor, including witness statements, so you can protect your rights and freedoms.

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