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Ask these questions when choosing a criminal defense attorney

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

Having to pick a criminal defense attorney can be very difficult. You likely haven’t needed to do this in the past and might be worried that who you pick will not work their hardest for you. This is not uncommon, and you probably have a lot of other worries too. You’ve been charged with a violent crime and want someone who has the experience handling such cases. You should ask the following questions of the attorney before making a decision who will represent you.

What is your experience handling cases with similar charges to mine?

This is very important because you want to work with someone who has represented clients with similar charges in the past. This will help the attorney plan a defense and they will know how to argue your case in court.

How often are you able to negotiate a plea deal?

Find out ahead of time if this is even possible. Maybe you are fine with a plea deal because it will lead to a lesser sentence and lighter penalties.

How much of my case will you be involved in?

Attorneys have staff members who help them with collecting evidence, identifying witnesses, acquiring statements and more. Make sure the attorney you choose will handle the most important parts of your case, including representing you in court.

How often do you communicate with clients and how?

This should be a satisfactory answer or do not work with that attorney. Attorneys use phone calls, emails and even texts to communicate with their clients on a regular basis.

This was not an exhaustive list of questions that you should ask a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney before hiring them. Make sure you ask questions you really want the answers to, so you know how your case will be handled.

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