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Questions to ask when choosing a juvenile defense attorney

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Juvenile Crimes |

If your juvenile child has been charged with a crime in Massachusetts, you need to act quickly to find an attorney. The longer you wait to find an attorney, the more likely it is that your child could face the penalties associated with the crime they were accused of committing. Today, we will look at the questions you should ask when choosing a juvenile defense attorney for your child.

What is your experience in handling juvenile cases?

You will want someone who has represented juveniles in and out of court in the past. This will make you feel more at ease that your child is in good hands.

Do you have experience with the specific charges of this case?

Even the most experienced juvenile defense attorneys might not have represented a juvenile in the past with the charges your child is facing. This can be vital to the outcome of the case.

What are the outcomes of your prior cases?

This is an important question to ask because it will shine a light on how successful the attorney has been representing juveniles in their career.

Can you explain the potential outcomes of the case?

You will want an attorney who will be honest about the potential outcomes of your child’s case. They should be able to explain everything that could happen so you are prepared.

Juvenile delinquency is serious and should be treated as such in Franklin. This means you need to find an attorney quickly but not so fast that you go with inexperience. If the answers to the questions presented in this post satisfy you, then it’s time to complete a retainer.

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