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Teen runs from police, gets arrested with a gun

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

A young man in Massachusetts is in jail after allegedly getting in a fight with police officers while he had a gun. It does not appear that anyone was shot.

According to reports, police were simply out on a routine patrol on Saturday, November 17. They spotted the teenager just after 10:00 p.m. with a group of other people. The officers, who were part of the Youth Violence Strike Force, had run into this particular group of young people in the past, so one of the officers tried to talk to them.

At that point, one of the teens allegedly took off and ran. Officers gave chase. He tried to go into a building, but they caught up with him and the authorities say that “a violent struggle occurred in the entryway to the residence.”

While the officers were trying to make that arrest, two more people — a woman and another teen — came to the scene. The second young man apparently tried to fight the officers and get in between them and his friend.

During the course of this encounter, the officers spotted a gun that the first teen was holding. They took it away from him. The gun was loaded but did not go off.

The woman who had come to the scene also joined in, allegedly assaulting the officers. It turned out that the first teen was her son. The woman, who is 40 years old, was arrested along with both teens, who are 17.

Allegations like this are incredibly serious and could result in significant jail time. Anyone who has been accused of a crime needs to know all of their legal defense options as soon as possible. That way, your attorney can begin working on your defense early in the process and possibly mitigate the potential consequences in your case.

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