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Make sure your rights remain protected upon an arrest

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Even relatively minor criminal convictions have a way of haunting your life long after you have fulfilled any sentence handed down by a court. Examples include first-time drunk driving convictions and convictions for simple possession of substances like marijuana. Along with gaining a criminal record and possibly losing your freedom, you may also suffer basic rights’ violations in some arrest situations.

In our criminal defense practice, we have served many defendants in the Franklin region of Massachusetts. We have discovered that very few of them understand what rights they have upon arrest. In fact, many defendants believe that they lost their rights the moment the arrest occurred. As you may expect, not knowing about your rights means that you will likely not recognize it if they are violated in any manner.

Of course, choosing the right criminal defense attorney ensures that many of your rights remain protected. However, in the interim between your arrest and your first contact with a lawyer, you may be vulnerable to violations of your rights. Some of these violations include the following:

  • Not informed of your Miranda rights (right to remain silent, etc.)
  • Not treated humanely during the arrest or while incarcerated
  • Not given access to an attorney upon your request
  • Being subjected to cruelty during and after your arrest

No one wants to experience unfair treatment in any situation, especially by police officials. However, if your criminal defense lawyer finds that the authorities have violated your rights, it may be possible to use these violations to strengthen your case. This is why speaking honestly with your lawyer about what transpired during your arrest and your initial time behind bars is so important.

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