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Did a valid prescription lead to a drug addiction?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

People commonly receive prescription medications from their doctors for various reasons. Though the majority of people can take these prescriptions without any serious adverse effects, other parties may find themselves addicted to certain substances, especially those that are commonly misused.

You may have obtained a prescription medication and looked forward to using it because it would help address the condition with which you may have been struggling without medication. You may not have expected that the substance would later take control of your life.

Were you affected by the following types of medication?

Some medications are more likely to be misused than others. Among the more commonly misused substances are:

  • Stimulants: These medications enhance the effects of certain chemicals in your body. As a result, some parties may take this type of drug for nonmedical use due to the feelings of happiness they can elicit.
  • Opioids: Doctors commonly prescribe opioids as pain-relieving medication. However, opioids have similarities to substances like heroin and can produce a euphoric high that can lead to an abuse problem if not properly used.
  • CNS depressants: Depressants commonly help treat disorders like anxiety, panic attacks, stress conditions or sleep disorders. The misuse of these drugs could result from a desire to constantly feel more at ease, but building a tolerance is likely.

Though the prescription for any of these drugs can come about for legitimate reasons, the side effects of misuse could quickly result in a person having a difficult time leaving the drugs behind. Unfortunately, withdrawal from such substances can prove immensely difficult, and in some cases, these feelings may prompt a person to keep using. Of course, prescriptions often run out, and if you cannot obtain the drug through legitimate means, you may have found yourself considering alternative methods.

Did substance abuse lead to drug charges?

The addiction from which you suffer could easily have resulted in you obtaining prescription medication from other individuals, whether from a relative with a valid prescription or from someone who may deal in these substances. Whatever the case, an officer may have found you in possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription. As a result, you could face serious criminal charges.

If you are in this type of predicament, it is wise to understand how it could affect you. You undoubtedly want to find the best way to handle the ordeal, and consulting with a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney may be in your best interests when it comes to obtaining useful information.

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