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Ways you could unknowingly be breaking Massachusetts alcohol laws

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Massachusetts remains one of the puritanical states in the nation, even in these modern times. While many cities in the state have specific ordinances that govern what is and is not allowed in terms of alcohol, there exist many state laws that residents or visitors may unknowingly break. Violating any one of these laws may lead to unexpected criminal charges.

This blog post will explore some of these laws in the hopes of helping you avoid alcohol violations. If you ever do face an arrest for violating alcohol laws about which you knew nothing, please consider consulting with a criminal defense lawyer. Doing so could protect your reputation as well as your freedom.

  • A single customer may not order more than two drinks at a time in a bar. Even though it will be the establishment that ends up in the hot seat over this violation, it is still good to understand this law.
  • At this time, eight towns in the state entirely prohibit the sale of alcohol. As you might imagine, there is an excellent chance that if the police arrest you on alcohol charges in one of these towns, you could face severe consequences.
  • Only residents of the state can purchase alcohol in most cases. If the authorities catch you buying alcohol for someone without an acceptable form of identification, you may suddenly need to speak with a criminal defense attorney.
  • If you host a gathering and serve alcoholic beverages, you might face charges if a person drives away while intoxicated. The state’s “social host law” will hold you legally accountable for the behavior of intoxicated guests, and that includes driving under the influence.

Of course, most people living in the state will never face the charges discussed here. However, a full understanding of the state’s laws will make you a better-informed citizen. It can also help you avoid an arrest on charges involving alcohol.

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