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Know your Sixth Amendment rights when accused of a violent crime

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

Being accused of, or charged with, committing a violent crime is arguably the most traumatic event a person can face. Such charges put not just your freedom, but also your entire way of life, at risk. You will want to do everything possible to fight these charges.

Your first important step after an arrest on charges associated with violent crimes is to seek qualified legal representation. However, for your protection, it is also wise to learn about your rights under the U.S. Constitution’s Sixth Amendment. Most of us know a little bit about these rights from our time in school. However, as a defendant, knowing them and truly comprehending them might be two entirely different things.

If you have already found a defense attorney, ask them to explain your Sixth Amendment rights in a way that you can easily understand. If you are still searching for a lawyer, make sure you find one that will help you develop a deeper comprehension of these rights.

For example, many violent crime defendants do not realize that the Sixth Amendment gives you the right to confront any witnesses testifying against you. Whether it is wise for you to do so is a matter to discuss with your attorney, but knowing you have this and other rights can help you through the defense process.

We feel that the best way to handle being charged with a violent crime is to build a partnership between lawyer and defendant. In turn, the most effective defense partnerships occur when all parties have a good grasp of a person’s Sixth Amendment rights.

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