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Alleged road rage incident leads to murder charge

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Violent Crimes |

When dealing with accusations of violent crimes, suspects face a serious legal predicament. Violent crimes often come with the possibility of more severe consequences in the event of a conviction, which means that it is especially important to closely consider defense options. If a person is accused of murder, the stakes are substantially high.

One man in Massachusetts recently turned himself into police after allegedly being involved in a reported road rage incident. Apparently, the 54-year-old man had started arguing in the street with a 34-year-old man. It was unclear what started the altercation, but purportedly, when the younger man started walking back to his vehicle, the older man hit the younger man with a pickup truck before leaving the scene.

The younger man reportedly suffered injuries in the incident that later proved fatal. Authorities began looking for the pickup truck involved, and the older man turned himself in. Initial charges were related to assault and battery and causing injury, but due to the victim’s passing, the man is currently facing the following charges:

  • Murder
  • Leaving the scene of an accident causing death
  • Civil rights violation causing injury, as the man allegedly used racial slurs during the altercation

The exact circumstances of the incident will likely become clear as the man’s criminal case moves forward. During this time, this Massachusetts man will undoubtedly want to explore his available defense options for maintaining his innocence against the murder charge and other allegations. This will certainly prove to be a difficult endeavor, but favorable outcomes are possible.

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