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Defending against 6th OUI charge will be complex

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Some people think that after a person is charged with a crime once, that person should learn his or her lesson. However, many circumstances could play a part in why a person chooses to carry out certain actions, and in some cases, individuals could end up charged with the same crime multiple times throughout their life. While this is certainly not an ideal situation, it is one that needs to be handled delicately as a conviction for a subsequent criminal charge for OUI typically has more serious consequences.

One man was recently arrested in Massachusetts for allegedly driving under the influence. According to reports, authorities were contacted after the man purportedly struck another vehicle multiple times. He was reportedly driving in an erratic manner, and the situation was initially believed to be a road rage incident. Officers located the man and suspected he was driving at approximately 85 mph before he struck a guardrail.

Officers approached the vehicle and were unable to stop the man from driving away. It was suspected that the man was under the influence, but no specific details were given as to what raised that suspicion. Nonetheless, he was taken into custody. Additional details regarding the situation include:

  • Officers found multiple open alcohol containers after searching the vehicle.
  • The man is facing a charge for OUI, which is his sixth offense
  • He is also facing charges for reckless operation, driving with a suspended license, speeding and other violations.

Because the man is facing multiple charges and a sixth-offense charge for OUI, his case will certainly be complex. However, that does not mean he is out of luck when it comes to presenting a criminal defense. He still has legal rights and options that he could exercise as his case moves through Massachusetts criminal court.

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