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Man pleads not guilty to domestic violence accusation

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

In an ideal situation, any misunderstanding would be easily cleared up. Of course, most scenarios involving a misunderstanding do not occur under ideal circumstances, and unfortunately, some serious misunderstandings could result in a person being placed under arrest, especially if authorities suspect that domestic violence has occurred. In such cases, an accused person may have to go to court to address charges and clear up the issue. 

One man in Massachusetts is currently facing this type of predicament. According to reports, the man is a State Police trooper, and he was taken into custody after authorities came to the apartment complex where the man lives with his wife. Apparently, officers had received a call about a woman who had fallen by the swimming pool at the complex. After making contact with the woman, officers observed old bruising on the woman’s extremities, which she claimed happened due to abuse from her husband. 

After interviewing the woman, police arrested the man on a charge of assault and battery on a family member. Additional information regarding the incident includes: 

  • The man stated that he never touched his wife and that she has a medical condition that causes her to bruise easily. 
  • At the time the woman claimed the abuse occurred, the man stated that he had been sleeping. 
  • He indicated that the woman had become intoxicated and confrontational with the neighbors and that he was woken up by the neighbors knocking on the door. 
  • The woman stated that she began drinking after the man assaulted her. 

Unfortunately, in many cases of suspected domestic violence, it is one person’s word against another. In this case, the man was charged with a crime and will now have to face the criminal proceedings that come along with it after pleading not guilty. Though this may seem unnecessary to him, the Massachusetts man will still need to see his case through to the end. 


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