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Teens could face serious consequences after arrests

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Juvenile Crimes |

With schools out for summer break and many areas getting back to normal as far as opening and allowing patrons to visit locations that had been closed for most of the last year during the pandemic, many young individuals may feel the need to release pent up energy. However, if teens and other young people do not behave in accordance with the law, they could face serious consequences, including arrests. In fact, multiple teens were recently arrested in Massachusetts for allegedly causing disturbances. 

It was recently reported that authorities responded to Carson Beach after a group of teens were reported as acting in a disorderly manner and harassing other beachgoers. The group consisted of approximately 60 to 70 teenagers, and many were allegedly carrying out the following actions: 

  • Smoking marijuana in the restrooms 
  • Harassing lifeguards and other beachgoers 
  • Purposefully bumping into other patrons at an eatery, on the boardwalk and in the courtyard of the McCormack Bathhouse 
  • Riding bicycles and performing stunts near other individuals 

Authorities informed the teens that they could enjoy the beach area but that they had to comply with recreational rules for the area. Some of the teens reportedly began harassing police officers by yelling insults and threats. Multiple teens were told by police to leave the area due to their behavior, but some of them returned. As a result, three teens were arrested and charged with trespassing, and two teens were arrested and charged with interfering with police after they attempted to stop the other arrests. 

All five teens were booked and then released into the custody of their families. While they may have thought they were only having a bit of summer fun, they all now have these legal predicaments to face. Even as teens, they could face serious consequences if convicted of the charges, so they and their parents will certainly want to determine their available defense options and understand how juvenile cases are handled in Massachusetts. 

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