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Arrest made in seemingly random assault outside hospital

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Violent Crimes |

Sometimes events may seem as if they took place randomly. However, upon further investigation, details may explain why a particular incident occurred. In cases where it appears as if someone carried out a violent crime in a random fashion, additional information may give more insight into what truly happened. However, those details may not be fully exposed until a person is defending against assault charges.

It was recently reported that an arrest was made in relation to a seemingly random attack in Massachusetts. Apparently, a hospital worker was outside the facility on a break when she claims the following events took place:

  • Someone came up behind her and grabbed her ponytail.
  • She believed at the time that the person then punched her multiple times in the back.
  • The worker went back inside the hospital and told a co-worker about the incident.
  • An examination of the worker’s back reportedly revealed multiple stab wounds around the neck and shoulders.
  • The worker’s wounds were treated, and she continued working.

It was unclear how the victim got away or what became of her alleged attacker immediately after the incident. Nonetheless, several tips resulted in authorities later taking a 28-year-old woman into custody on allegations relating to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Additional information regarding the incident may become available at a later time.

Whether the event was truly random or if other circumstances caused the incident to occur is unclear. However, the woman accused in this Massachusetts assault case has the right to tell her side of the story and defend against the allegations if she wishes to do so. Her defense options will depend on the particulars of the case, and thoroughly exploring the available options before making a decision may be prudent.

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