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Man in Western Massachusetts accused of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

According to some reports, arrests for drug crimes and weapons use seem to be on the rise in Western Massachusetts, as well as across the country. Pundits do not offer any real evidence as to why this is the case, and they only speculate that the major life changes so many have experienced over the past couple of years have fueled the increase. Whatever the case, authorities say that one man in Orange was recently found to be in possession of a considerable amount of illegal narcotics, and he faces serious drug charges as a result.

Drugs and cash

An illegal narcotic that has made unfortunate headlines recently is fentanyl. The drug is used to treat chronic and severe pain, but it can be highly addictive. Some people claim the drug is 100 times more powerful than morphine, but it is also known to easily kill those who consumer too much.

On Feb. 9, 2022, the Northwestern Anti-Crime Task Force and the Orange Police Department executed a warrant to search a property in Orange. There, they reportedly found more than 700 bags of suspected fentanyl along with cocaine and other drugs, as well as $1,500 in cash. The resident of the home was taken into custody on various charges, including possession with intent to distribute and trafficking.

Right to defense

Drug trafficking charges are extremely serious and carry harsh penalties upon conviction. As such, the man arrested and charged with drug crimes will want to work closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts. A lawyer will analyze all evidence against the accused individual, as well as the tactics law enforcement used in their search and subsequent arrest, in order to help the man obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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