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School superintendent charged with making false statements

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Although her position is overseeing the school system in Chicopee, one Massachusetts woman apparently has apparently had a lot to say about an open job position for police chief in her town. The superintendent of Chicopee Schools was recently charged with making nearly 100 threatening and false statements to another individual who was applying for the police chief position. Now, the superintendent is facing considerable consequences if convicted, and she is likely considering her options for an effective criminal defense. 

The issue, investigation and arrest 

The issue reportedly was that the superintendent did not want a certain individual to apply for the police chief position in Chicopee. No word was given as to why the superintendent was so opposed to the applicant, but she had made statements to the FBI that she, herself, had received threatening messages, and she feared any leaked information regarding the applicant would somehow harm her reputation. Turns out, she apparently sent those messages to herself. 

The superintendent also suggested that investigators close the investigation before identifying a suspect, which, of course, raised suspicion regarding her motives. Authorities say they then discovered that the woman had used several apps on her phone to make it appear as if the messages were coming from another number. She is also accused of using emails to try and intimidate the candidate into withdrawing the application. 

Right to defense 

Even though the case against the superintendent appears strong, she is still presumed innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until convicted in court. As such, she will want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts. A lawyer will analyze all aspects of the investigation and arrests and focus on successfully contesting the prosecution’s case against her. 

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