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Possible sources of influence regarding youth violence

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Juvenile Crimes |

If you have children, it may come as no surprise to learn that your kids may encounter various forms of influence nearly every day. While in most cases, this might involve little more than factors that affect the clothes your kids wear or the activities they pursue, sometimes it may even alter their behaviors.

Certain forms of influence could even lead to issues with lack of impulse control or cause a teenager to be more susceptible to exhibiting violent behavior. Youth violence continues to be a prevalent cause of juvenile offenses in Massachusetts, and addressing such issues may prove integral to protecting your child’s future.

The sources

It is no secret that teenagers might not always understand the gravity of their actions, and they may also struggle to grasp how certain things might influence their decisions. Some possible sources of influence concerning youth violence might include:

  • Aggressive media: Studies suggest that media such as tv shows and games that promote violent behaviors continue to be a common source of influence with regard to youth violence.
  • Peer influence: Teenagers may also be more prone to exhibiting violent or unlawful behavior when subjected to peer pressure, as they might feel that this is the best way to fit in.
  • Substance abuse: The presence of violent behavior may also point to additional concerns, and substance abuse is another factor that might increase the risks of similar issues.
  • Difficult life events: Kids may have trouble processing or moving on after a traumatic life event and may cope with the situation by acting out; the decisions they make during this time might not always be sound.

Lack of supervision and high crime rates in the surrounding area are two more examples of factors that might increase the risk your child might encounter exposure to youth violence.

Your child’s future

Juvenile offenses involving youth violence can carry severe repercussions that could take a dire toll on your child’s future. Understanding the gravity of such matters could help you better prepare to protect against similar matters and shield your child from facing the potential fallout involved. However, things might not always be so simple, and should your child face legal issues stemming from youth violence, knowing where to turn for advice on your options and the next steps to take could also prove essential to safeguarding your child’s interests and needs.

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