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Drug sting operation leads to more than 30 arrests

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

People usually consider illegal drug activity as taking place in secret and in the shadows of society. However, there are certain locations in Massachusetts where drug dealers peddle their ware out in the open. So-called “open-air” drug markets exist in areas throughout the state, and police recently raided a location in Brockton, where they made dozens of arrests for illegal drug activity and other charges.

The bust and arrest

Following complaints from local citizens, authorities went undercover and began to investigate alleged drug activity in the Brockton area. Although the specific location was not noted, authorities identified 40 people in connection with the alleged open-air drug market, and they made 34 arrests. Those arrested face charges of drug possession, drug trafficking, weapons violations and outstanding warrants.

A ranking member of the Massachusetts State Police said that the bust was focused on prolific and violent street-level drug dealers. However, a criminal defense attorney familiar with the case said he saw a lot of charges for low-level possession of around $40. Allegedly, many of those arrested were apprehended after selling drugs to an undercover officer.

Right to defense

Despite any evidence against them, all of those arrested in this latest drug sting are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. Since some of the charges these individuals face are serious felony charges involving drug trafficking and weapons violations, the accused will want to work closely with a criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts. A lawyer will analyze all aspects of the undercover sting operation and challenge the evidence obtained to help a client achieve the best outcome possible.

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