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Incident at basketball game leaves minor facing assault charges

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Juvenile Crimes |

Many kids who compete in high school sports may devote a significant portion of their time to honing their skills and they may consider these activities an integral aspect of their lives. During the heat of the moment in a game, players might not always agree with a call and may lash out at the referee in anger, but this may typically only involve harsh words. A high school basketball player in Massachusetts is reportedly facing assault charges after allegedly attacking a referee during a recent game. 

The incident 

According to reports, the incident took place during a basketball game at a high school on a recent Wednesday. Authorities assert that for reasons unknown, a player on one of the teams suddenly lunged at and hit a referee. No details were provided as to the events leading up to the alleged attack and reports indicate that the game was canceled shortly thereafter. 

Reports indicate that the 16-year-old boy is now facing assault and battery charges in relation to the alleged attack. Officials indicate that he could also face additional disciplinary action at school. Such an incident could have a lingering impact on a youth’s life and parents who encounter similar issues may have questions about their available options and the steps to take to protect their child’s future. 

Assault charges 

Most teenagers might not always fully grasp the possible repercussions of actions made in the heat of the moment and a conviction for assault charges could have a lingering effect on a youth’s future. When facing similar issues, parents in Massachusetts could consider retaining the services of an attorney for advice in addressing the situation and evaluating their available options. An attorney who understands what is at stake can help a client prepare to make informed decisions about the situation and create a strategy to safeguard the interests of his or her child during subsequent legal proceedings. 

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